Actually, maybe you shouldn’t make a video…

Just because you can do video, doesn’t mean you should.

This may sound like a radical statement coming from a video marketing company – but hear us out.

The rapid growth of video content has seen every forward-thinking brand and business clamouring to put out videos of absolutely anything and everything in a bid to stay relevant. In this rush, few have stopped to consider the most important thing: the viewer.

Say you own a five-star hotel, for example. It may have stunning, individually designed bedrooms, a world-renowned restaurant, private garden square and luxurious spa – but it’ll also likely have a conference centre, meeting rooms, kitchens and various bars and function rooms too.

Do not fall into the trap of trying to show every single aspect of your hotel.

Leave a little something to the imagination!

Too many promo videos are treated as virtual walkthroughs of buildings which – let’s be frank – aren’t exactly inspiring. Instead, viewers should be enticed by the best bits, delighted with some details, and left wanting more. And when those viewers turn up to check in, they’ve still got surprises in store and new corners to explore – leaving them with that all-important ‘wow factor’ that’ll turn them into repeat guests and make them rave about your hotel to their friends.

Objectively speaking

Before you spend any of your hard-earned budget on video, think about what you’re trying to achieve. What is your overall objective? Who are your audience, and what do you want them to do after watching your video?

Are you trying to fill more tables in your restaurant? Sell luxury wedding packages? Or just raise awareness of your brand? Is it for social media, or your website?

Maybe you’re putting on a fun family event to entertain kids in the school holidays. Who are you selling to? There is no point creating a social media video ad specifically marketed at children if it’s the parents who are buying the tickets online.

These are just some of many points to consider long before the camera starts rolling.

Brevity is key

Very few people will watch a promo video longer than 3 minutes. On social media, you’re lucky if people have the attention span to watch even one minute.

This is why it’s imperative to make your message clear and succinct – right from the start. No lengthy introductions or dull filler shots (yes, I’m talking about meeting room number 2). Grab their attention in the first 15 seconds and the likelihood is they’ll keep watching.

Manage your expectations

Some businesses put out one video and expect it to be the silver bullet that’ll blow up their sales and when that doesn’t happen they dismiss the value of video marketing. Don’t be that guy. Yes, it can be disheartening if you’ve put a lot of thought and energy into creating something, but did you give any thought to how it was distributed? Or followed up? Did you just stick it on YouTube and cross your fingers somebody would find it?

Long term goals, long term strategy

If you’re serious about your business, video should be part of your long-term marketing strategy. And as we all (hopefully) know, marketing is not an overnight process, and putting videos out isn’t a get rich quick scheme.

But with the right strategy, creative, execution and distribution, video content will engage your audience, inspire them and compel them to act in the way you want.

Not every business owner understands what their marketing strategy or video strategy should be. That’s why at Five Percent we ask all the right questions to uncover exactly what it is you’re hoping to achieve and learn as much about your business as possible, so we can produce something effective and deliver the results you want.

Ready to make some proper video? Good. Read more about our video services and view our latest work.

It’s time to join the Five Percent.

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