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Advertise your business on social media

Facebook is the largest social media network, with 2.32 billion monthly active users worldwide. Instagram is fast catching up, with 1 billion monthly active users. Both platforms represent a fantastic opportunity to find, engage and convert your prospects into paying customers. Millions of businesses worldwide use Facebook as their most effective advertising tool to generate sales, promote their products and boost organic followers.

However, organic use of social media simply isn’t enough to drive new sales leads and conversions in the quantity your business needs. And if you’re launching a new product or service, building awareness at scale is virtually impossible without a coordinated advertising campaign.

Facebook and Instagram Ads allow endless opportunities for businesses from all sizes to create measurable, tangible results. Powerful targeting options allow us to find your ideal customers, from where they are based to what type of interests they have.

But the Facebook Ads platform is complex. A scattergun approach to targeting with untested campaigns is expensive and rarely delivers results. With a plethora of ad types and incredible targeting options, it’s easy for business owners to get confused and not maximise the potential opportunities on offer.

Whether you’re looking to generate sales directly from Facebook or Instagram, get the word out about an event you’re launching, or even just promote your content, our Facebook Ads management service will get you the results you want.

What’s involved in the set-up phase?

    • We will review your business goals and objectives
    • We will create or update a Facebook/Instagram account for you that will help you to communicate with your audience
    • We will provide targeted ad advice that will help you select the proper age, location, and demographics of your ideal customer base
    • We will identify which Facebook Ads objective best suits your business goals
    • We will design creative to match intended business goals and convert customers
    • We will suggest images, videos, and other content that can help build connections with your audience
    • Then it’s time to push your campaign live!
    • We will test a number of audiences, different placements, ad types, and ad creatives until we find a winning combination

Ongoing social media advertising management

Facebook Ads is time-consuming and complex. You might not have the resources you need to pay proper attention to your ad campaigns once we’ve set everything up. For people in this situation, we offer a setup and management option that will allow us to provide all the help you will need to not only get your campaign rolling but also to keep it going for many months or even years to come. This option allows you to take a completely hands-free approach to Facebook Ads, giving us control of your account and letting you concentrate on your business.

This option covers all of the setup process described above plus the following additional steps:

  • Daily maintenance of your Facebook Ads account
  • Weekly ad management, including copywriting to make sure your ads stay fresh
  • Regular adjustments to ads based on demographic analysis
  • Landing page optimisation and suggestions
  • Frequent consulting to give you useful advice and tips that will allow you to maximise your Facebook ads

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