Social Media Management

If your business isn’t on social, you’re missing countless opportunities to reach your existing and potential customers. Without it, they might not know you exist. Social media makes it easy to improve brand awareness, build your identity and give your business personality that people can relate to. It also demonstrates that you are a forward-thinking business – in touch with what is trending.

We manage your social media, while you manage your business

Every business is different, so we don’t believe in a ‘one size fits all’ approach. Our social media management service puts the focus clearly on what matters most to your company, and we will identify the channels which will be the most effective for your business. Those could be Facebook, Instagram, Twitter or Pinterest – or the exciting new kid on the block!

At Five Percent, we can take care of every aspect of your social media with a bespoke content marketing and social media management package. We know you’re busy, so we can create and publish content and social posts on your behalf to your social media accounts. We can also:

    • Create perfectly optimised social media accounts, providing your business with a compelling social media presence
    • Optimise existing social media accounts, creating a consistent approach across all of your social media platforms
    • Monitor and manage your accounts to grow and maximise your online presence
    • Create a social media marketing strategy for your business, increasing both brand awareness and sales of your products and services
    • Write your social media content, publishing a perfect mix of marketing messages and related content
    • We encourage paid social media ads to really engage with customers, compliment your social media campaigns and promote your high quality content
    • Manage all queries and user engagement
    • Create, manage and promote social media competitions, and giveaways for your business, service, product or offer
    • Provide you with insights and analysis, so you can measure the impact and ROI

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Why should my business have a social media presence?

Your audience is growing on social media at a fast rate

Facebook has over 2.23 billion monthly active users, with 55 million status updates being made every day. Twitter has over 330 million monthly active users who tweet 500 million tweets per day. LinkedIn has over 250 million monthly active users, with 40% of users using LinkedIn daily.

It’s important to be on social media to effectively target your audience because they will be on there in one way or another.

You can gain valuable customer insight

Social media platforms generate a vast amount of data about your customers in real time. Behind all the numbers and data there is a wealth of information about your customers. Not only can you find out who they are and where they are, but you can also find out how they feel about your brand.

If utilised properly, this information could be used to tailor your social media approach when it comes to communicating with customers.

Social media advertising can generate leads

With paid social media ads, you can create marketing campaigns and gain broad visibility among your target audience, while also driving traffic to your website. This is an inexpensive way to promote your business and share content with targeting options that can help you reach the right audience and is a great way to generate genuine leads.

Build strong relationships

The interaction you have on social media is an opportunity for you to engage with your customers and demonstrate your customer service. Responding to customer feedback and comments has potential to really enrich your brand and customer rapport and is a fantastic way to show them that you genuinely care about them.

Shareable content means more brand awareness

Creating content that inspires interaction can certainly increase your brand awareness. Sharing content that will be valuable to your audience will really benefit your social exposure with likes, comments and shares on each post, and your content will reach many more users than just your followers. Ensuring that your content is unique and interesting will encourage more users to read your posts, like your page and visit your website.